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Distinguishing nasopharyngeal cancer with purulent tonsillitis and granulomatous pharyngitis

.. Currently, there are quite a few people who still confuse these diseases. To be able to distinguish throat cancer, purulent tonsillitis and sore throat, it is necessary to rely on many factors.


    It is first necessary to know the definition of these diseases:

    • Nasopharyngeal cancer  is a malignancy that occurs in the back of the throat of the patient, nasopharyngeal cancer differs from other cancers when the appearance, cause, behavior and treatment of this disease are The disease can be found at all ages, most commonly at the age of 40 -60 years old.
    • Granulomatous pharyngitis  is a condition that indicates a prolonged inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa. The lymph nodes have to work too hard, leading to swelling and formation of particles in the throat. Granular pharyngitis is divided into acute and chronic forms.
    • Purulent tonsillitis  is a disease that occurs when the grooves on the surface of the tonsil appear many white pus blocks such as bean pulp, cocoons and smells. Anyone is at risk for this disease, so it is important to know the signs of purulent tonsillitis to detect and treat it promptly.

    Distinguish based on the cause of the disease:

    • Nasopharyngeal cancer can be caused by Epstein-Barr virus or environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle, genetic genes, ...
    • Purulent tonsillitis is a consequence of  chronic  viral and bacterial tonsillitis .
    • The cause of granulomatous pharyngitis is more clearly identified than nasopharyngeal cancer. The direct agents of the disease are bacteria, viruses, and oral thrush; Indirect factors caused by seasonal weather, poor oral hygiene, complications of chronic pharyngitis or tonsillitis, ...

    Distinguish based on disease symptoms:

    Nasopharyngeal cancer and purulent tonsillitis have similarities: Swollen lymph nodes in the jaw, choking in the throat causing difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, difficulty communicating, causing fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss. In addition, there are differences between them such as:

    • Nasopharyngeal cancer causes: migraine headache, pain deep in the eye socket, tinnitus, stuffy nose, persistent cough, nasal discharge or nosebleeds, bleeding pus and blood.
    • Purulent tonsillitis causes: sore throat, fever about 38 degrees, bad breath.
    • Typical manifestations of granulomatous pharyngitis are burning pain, itching, and dryness of the throat; redness of the throat and lymph nodes; large and small uneven particles in the throat wall, causing entanglement when swallowing saliva, food. These symptoms last about 2 weeks and can be cured, but do not go away quietly and long as throat cancer.

    Knowing how to distinguish nasopharyngeal cancer, purulent tonsillitis or sore throat will help a lot in life, prevention and treatment of the disease.

    Source: eupharmas