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Melasma has lost the beauty of many people, is the horror of women.

Causes and recognizable signs of facial pigmentation. Join us to learn deeply about facial pigmentation and effective treatment.


    What is skin pigmentation?

    Skin pigmentation is a facial condition where small, dark, yellow, yellowish, light brown spots appear mostly dark brown. Directly affect the aesthetics of the human body. Melasma usually grows in patches, distributed mainly on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. The essence of melasma is an overgrowth of melanin pigments in the basal and dermis layers. Melasma usually occurs in people with beautiful, white, thin, and smooth skin. The longer the skin pigmentation is, the more it tends to spread, darken and harder to treat.

    Usually, there are 3 types of skin pigmentation:

    • Melasma in plaques  This type of skin has shallow "pigmentation legs" (located in the epidermis - the top layer of the skin) and is the easiest to treat completely. Melasma appears in light patches of color. The reason is due to objective factors from hot and polluted environment. Or the use of poor quality cosmetics, oral contraceptives ...
    • Deep melasma (melasma):  This type is darker in color and appears in small spots. If scanning on the machine, you can see the melasma feet deep in the skin's dermis mesh. The cause can be hereditary,  hormonal , and hoomon, which change suddenly because of the motherhood ... This is the most difficult and difficult to treat type of melasma with a prolonged period of time, usually only able to finish 80 %.
    • Melasma combination:  If anyone appears both types of melasma mentioned above, they will be classified as mixed melasma. This type is complicated in that there are two ways to treat different areas of melasma on the same face.

    II / Skin pigmentation caused by where?

    According to Associate Professor Pham Van Hien -  former President of the Vietnam Dermatology Association,  melasma occurs due to many reasons such as genetics, due to the endocrine disorder of the body (pregnancy, pre-menopause ... ). Due to mood fluctuations, frequent anxiety and stress, due to excessive sun exposure without skin protection measures. Or due to misuse of inappropriate cosmetics ...

    In summary, the causes of facial pigmentation include internal causes and the effects of the environment from outside the body:

    1 / The causes of facial skin pigmentation from within the body

    • Causes of facial skin pigmentation are inherited:  For some people, it is inherited from parents that easily get skin pigmentation.
    • Pigmentation disorders:  Entering this stage, when the biochemistry of the amino-tyro-sine in the blood suddenly increases or decreases, the pigmentation causing pigmentation to develop stronger.
    • Melasma due to hormonal changes in the  body such as pregnancy, menopause, menstrual disorders
    • Suffering from chronic gynecological diseases such  as metritis, adnexitis, liver diseases, helminths, malaria. Sequelae after treatment of skin diseases in the face left.
    • The cause of face pigmentation is due to prolonged mood, psychological and mental state.

    2 / The causes of skin pigmentation from outside

    • Due to inadequate diet, rest, and activities.
    • Due to the use of drugs, improper cosmetics can easily cause facial skin pigmentation.
    • Due to the impact of the external environment such as sunlight, dust, pollution ...

    Using cosmetics in the wrong way can cause melasma

    III / Skin pigmentation is recognized how?

    To determine whether you have pigmentation or not, you can rely on the following manifestations and signs of skin pigmentation:

    • Dark brown, yellowish-brown skin areas on areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight. Melasma color is not uniform
    • Melasma usually appears on the cheeks, forehead, and nose
    • When the sun is out, the skin is usually darker

    Although it is possible to self-diagnose at home, but because melasma is easy to be confused with some manifestations of skin cancer or other skin diseases, so you should see a specialist for a visit. the most exactly.

    IV / Face pigmentation prevention like?

    Skin pigmentation does not appear at birth, even during puberty, this problem is very rare. Usually only in women over the age of 30, melasma begins to appear. So what to do when skin pigmentation? When melasma, in addition to knowing and distinguishing each type of melasma, the cause of melasma, you need to pay attention to the following points

    1 / Regularly care and protect the skin

    Minimize skin exposure to the sun. Before going out on the street, protect your skin carefully and apply sunscreen. Clean your face regularly with clean water and specialized cosmetics. Applying mask to provide essential nutrients and vitamins

    2 / Supplement the body with essential vitamins

    The adequate supply of essential vitamins for the body such as vitamins: A, C, E, B12, drink plenty of water, should avoid spicy foods that cause congestion of the skin, wines, and beer. Will help you compensate for the body a certain amount of quality, help regenerate the skin while preventing changes and disorders of hormones, thus also reducing the risk of melasma appearing.

    3 / Absolutely limit the use of cosmetics

    To conceal melasma, many people use cosmetics, but overuse of cosmetics can damage the skin. For those who have not had pigmentation, the abuse of cosmetics, especially cheap cosmetics can cause skin pigmentation, because there are many chemicals in cosmetics, which are not good for the skin, will accidentally kill skin cells and create opportunities for melasma to develop. The abuse of cosmetics will make it difficult for the patient to completely treat melasma. As for those who have pigmentation, the best skin care way is also to limit the use of cosmetics. If abuse accidentally causes melasma to develop and spread exponentially.

    4 / Avoid all stress and anxiety

    Anxiety, fatigue is one of the main causes of skin pigmentation. Stay up at night and use stimulants such as coffee, beer, alcohol, and fatty foods are not good for the skin, causing hormones in the body to change, causing skin pigmentation. Especially, the above factors also affect the recovery process of skin pigmentation areas. You should arrange work and rest time and the best nutrition for you.

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