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What is the difference between ankle warts and calluses? Ankle Disease.

You have pimples on your feet that feel rough with black legs inside, some people feel pain, others don't feel pain? Wondering what those pimples are? Is it warts, ankles or calluses? Do not worry ! Today we will help you distinguish 3 types of warts, ankle warts and calluses. Recognizing acne will help you to have the most effective prevention and treatment.


    1. The ankle

    Ankle Disease Is a localized keratosis in the soles of the feet.
    Common locations: in places where the foot bone is in contact with the footwear such as: the bottom of the 5th toe (thumb, little toe), heel, interstitial toes.

    Center:  The circle contains the keratin, the surrounding skin has a thick rim of the horn, is yellow in color, when pressed, it hurts.
    Fish eyes sometimes flat, sometimes protruding from the skin surface, the surface may be scaly. The ankle is often very painful because in places that easily stimulate rubbing.

    Characteristics:  Fisheye is not contagious but potentially infected. Usually there are only 1-2.
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    2. Warts

    Distinguishing from warts: Warts are small benign hyperplasia of the epidermis, the surface is often rough, caused by the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). HPV gets into the skin through external abrasions. Warts can develop for months to see. Distinguish from ankle warts with verrucas.
    Location:  The soles of the feet are deeper, less painful, drier, often appear many, closely seen with small spines and often with black spots.
    Properties:  Warts on the soles of the feet can spread to other areas of the body and can be spread to others.

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    3. Callus foot stains

    Calluses foot:  As injury horny skin layer thickening
    Cause:  Due to the friction, spleen weighed in a position as long as the heel
    Features:  Injury is cloud thick skin color yellowish, slightly bulging up, shaped in or oval, palpable, painless or insignificant pain, no center in between.

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    Source: europharmas