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What is Warticonl? Warticon is used to treat genital warts

Treatment: Genital warts

Weight: 15ml

Origin: Netherlands

Brand: Stiefel

Indications: Topical

Price: 110,00 USD

Product Name:  Warticon

Dosage Form:  Cream

Weight: 5g

Ingredients: podophyllotoxin

What is Warticon?
Warticon cream is made of podophyllotoxin which is a plant extract recommended for the treatment of small, soft genital warts.

Podophyllotoxin has antiviral properties, which means it can directly attack the virus responsible for your genital warts – HPV (the human papillomavirus).

How does Warticon remove warts?
The active ingredient in Warticon is a spindle inhibitor, a toxic substance which naturally occurs in the roots and rhizomes of the Podophyllum plant, which can be found in parts of Asia and North America. It inhibits the division of cells and thus prevents the warts from growing and spreading. Over the course of several treatment cycles, the warts should clear up.

How do I apply the cream?
Make sure you wash your hands before and after each time you use the Warticon cream. Also, clean the infected area with soap and water (and dry it gently) before using the cream.

Do not use Warticon on open wounds, sores and bleeding or infected warts. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and inner genital areas. Remember to wash your hands after each time you use the cream.

How often should I apply the cream?
When you start the treatment, you should apply Warticon twice a day for 3 days in a row and then wait 4 days before re-applying the cream.

If the warts haven’t disappeared after this first cycle of treatment, you can repeat the treatment. If you need more than 4 of these cycles of treatment, you should take a 1-week break between the treatment periods for every cycle after the first 4.

Shelf Life:  Shelf life 3 years from the date of manufacture

Company manufacturing and distributing: Belonging to the Stiefel pharmaceutical company produced in the Netherlands (Netherlands)

Note: For skin treatment products, do not drink. Keep out of reach of children, read the directions carefully before use.



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