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Skin pigmentation causes, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis and effective treatment

Causes of Melasma The cause of melasma can be explained by a secondary pigmentation disorder. This can come from an endogenous, exogenous cause or sometimes a combination of the two.


    Overview of melasma

    Melasma  is not too strange problem for women, it is skin condition that appears brown or gray-brown patches on the skin. Skin  pigmentation is the most common type of skin pigmentation, changes in pigmentation can occur on the skin of the face, lips, forehead, chin, nose waves. In addition, the disease can also occur in different parts of the body, especially the skin frequently exposed to sunlight such as the skin of the arms or neck.

    Melasma  is most common in women 20-50 years old (women of reproductive age), in which melasma in pregnant women and  postpartum melasma are  quite common. Men rarely have skin pigmentation than women. The disease is also related to geography, race, and skin color when Asian women, colored skin, have a higher rate of melasma than white women.