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Blackmore Natural Vitamin E 1000IU 100 capsules

Treatment: Health 

Weight: 60 tablets

Origin:  Australia

Brand name:  Blackmores

Indication: Drink

Price: 27,00 USD

What effects does vitamin E have on the body?

-  Vitamin E is a  vitamin  soluble in fat, is one of the antioxidants which help the body against the aging process. Because during exposure to the environment (sunlight, dust, smoke, ...), our body produces free radicals that attack cells, destroy cell membranes, and cause disturbances. mixing physiological functions of organs, causing many chronic diseases and accelerating the aging process, especially in the skin.

-  Along with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, ... Vitamin E works to protect cell membranes, protect fat structures.

-  Vitamin E is not directly involved in the body's metabolism, but contributes to this process, helps the body stay healthy, fights free radicals, slows down the aging process,  supports the system. Heart  healthy and nourishes skin, hair smooth, soft.

-  Thus, Vitamin E has a special role is important for the health and beauty of each person, supplement of Vitamin E daily for the body as the legitimate needs and essential for healthy body inside , beautiful outside.

-  According to the doctor's advice, it is necessary to supplement Vitamin E for cases of Vitamin E deficiency: low birth weight children, premature births,  pregnant  or lactating women, stress, exposure to the environment. infection, or when there are risks of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Vitamin E Blackmore 1000IU 60 tablets from Australia

► For health: 

  • Pill  Blackmores e 1000iu natural heart health supplement vitamin E levels needed each day for your body. 
  • Protect the arteries against free radical attack, support heart health, maintain a healthy heart.
  • Tablets  Vitamin e 1000iu Australian reduces oxidation, reducing harmful cholesterol in the body.
  • Vitamin E participates in the functioning of the pituitary gland, maintaining and balancing hormones in the body. 
  • Contribute to  improving eyesight
  • Increases blood circulation, supports muscle development and maintains endurance activities. 
  • Maintaining vitamin E supplement for a long time also helps the brain function well, minimizes the risk of memory loss in the elderly. 

► Vitamin E for skin and hair beauty:

  • Vitamin E - a beauty medicine, will support  aging , nourish a smooth, bright skin.
  • Reduces scars, heals, blemishes blemishes, helps skin heal quickly.
  • Promotes moisturizing and nourishes skin soft and supple. 
  • Blac kmore Natural Vitamin E 1000IU 6 0 pills help soften hair, reduce split ends , dry fibers, and breakage.  

Blackmore Natural Vitamin E 1000IU 60 capsules good?

  • Blackmore Natural Vitamin E 1000IU 30 pills is a product of the prestigious pharmaceutical company  Blackmores , currently it is a very popular and popular product in many countries around the world. 
  • Vitamin E content of 1000mg highest in all current products, the capsule form is easy to drink and well absorbed for high efficiency. 
  • Ingredients completely natural, does not contain preservatives, colorants, starch, yeast, synthetic flavoring, ... safe for health, no side effects. 
  • The product is selling well at the Shop and received good feedback. 


  • Each  1000 iu  natural vitamin E capsule contains 670mg D-alpha-tocopherol.

User manual

- Adults: Maximum 1 capsule / day.

- Not for children under 12 years old.

- Note: This product is not a medicine, and does not have the function of replacing medicine. Read the directions carefully before use.

(*) The effectiveness of using vitamin E 1000IU depends on the location of each person. 

Preservation :

- Store in a dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperatures above 30 degrees.

Expiry date: The  expiry date is printed on the package.

Storage:  Keep in a cool place

Specification:  60 tablets / box

Origin:  Australia


Note:  The product is for oral use. Keep out of reach of children, read the directions carefully before use.

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