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What is Difflam? Difflam is effective in the treatment of sore throat

Treatment: Sore throat

Weight:  15ml

Origin:  Australia

Brand:  iNova

Indications:  Deep throat

Price: 27,00 USD

Product Name: Difflam forte spray

Dosage Form: Solution

Weight: 15ml

Ingredients: Ethanol ................................ 8.0% w / v

                        Methylhydroxybenzoate ..... 0.1% w / v

Indications : Reducing symptoms of dry cough, cough with phlegm, wind cough caused by flu, symptoms of sore throat, purulent sore throat, anti-inflammatory, relieving sore throat, relief of respiratory infections steamed on.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Presentation :  Granular pharyngitis is a reaction of chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa. The pharynx contains many lymphoid tissue that is responsible for killing bacteria. Bacteria entering the throat area will be captured by the white blood cells here and taken into the lymphoid tissue and destroyed there. If the throat is chronically inflamed, the lymphoid tissue has to work continuously for a long time, so it becomes bigger and bigger and causes sore throat. The back of the throat will have many large and small seeds such as pin heads or corn kernels, with many seeds connected together by red blood lines. Short-term use of this Difflam product will reduce the symptoms of painful inflammation, swelling and inflammation of the throat.

Long-term use will eliminate diseases such as sore throat, chronic pharyngitis. Products without sugar should be used for diabetics completely normal use.

Dosage and Administration : The product is sprayed directly into the throat, before spraying the throat clean by rinsing the mouth with pre-mixed saline, gently shaking the bottle before spraying. Spray from 1-2 times / day, each spray will press the spray 2 times to put the nozzle straight into the throat.

Storage Conditions : Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, ideal temperature for long-term storage below 30 degrees C.

Shelf life: 4 years from date of manufacture

Manufacturing company, manufacturing and distributing: Belonging to the pharmaceutical company iNova pharmaceuticals produced in Australia, technology transferred and copyrighted by Italy (Italy).

Note The product is sprayed directly into the nasopharynx, do not drink. Keep out of reach of children, read the directions carefully before use. 



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