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What is Daktanrin? Daktanrin is an effective treatment of onychomycosis

Treatment: Onychomycosis

Weight: 30ml

Origin:  France

Brand: Janssncilag

Indications: Apply nails

Price: 23,00 USD

Product Name: Daktanrin 30 ml

Dosage Form: Solution

Weight: 30ml

Ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, talc, zinc oxide.

                     Acrylic / acrylate copolymer allcohol, propylene

Nail and foot fungus is more common in the elderly for a variety of reasons, including reduced blood circulation and years of exposure to a fungal environment. Also nails can grow more slowly and thicken with age, making them more susceptible to infection. Nail and foot fungus tends to affect men more than women, especially those with a family history of the condition. or working in a polluted environment, heavily exposed to water

Causes of nail fungus:
Due to many types of fungi, there are two main groups: filamentous fungus (Dermatophytes) and yeast (Candida). People with this disease, because hands and feet are often wet, creating conditions for the fungus to grow and cause disease. 

Clinical symptoms - The nail surface is rough, covered with a smooth flake like bran, with vertical or horizontal stripes. The lesion is yellowish-brown, or dark brown in color. - Underneath the nail can also be damaged and the nail sloughed off. - When inflammation around the nail will be very painful, red swelling and pus.

Note: For skin treatment products, do not drink. Keep out of reach of children, carefully read the directions before 

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